St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church

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Whole Community Catechesis


Whole Community Catechesis:

Whole Community Catechesis is a religious formation model that brings the community, a group of all ages, together to learn, share, and grow.

To be clear, we should define that Catechesis has many aspects, and among them are the sharing and instruction in the Catholic faith.

Religious Formation means a development of a person’s life in accordance with the gospel and a process that strives to allow one to lead a life conscious and aware of the presence of God. It takes many forms, with the most predominant form at our parish which makes up the religious formation program for families of the church.

At St. Margaret of Scotland, we gather five times during the Liturgical Year for Faith Formation with prayer, reflection, and sharing the Scripture of the day. It is also a time for other Parish Ministries to become involved in the Catechesis of the Community. Catechists and other Parish Ministers facilitate these sessions.